Obtainable Employment Authorization Application

Qualifying for an employment authorization application is easy with Steven from Swanson & Swanson in Los Angeles, California. He provides various options depending on your qualifications. Some of these qualifications are:

• H-1B Visa and TN Professionals
• L-1A and L-1B Visas Transfer Employees
• P Visa Entertainer, Artist, or Athlete
• O Visa Extraordinary Abilities
• E-2 Visa Treaty Investor
• E-1 Visa Treaty Trader
• Treaty of Commerce and Trade
• R-1 Visa Ministers or Religious Workers


Citizenship through naturalization requires lawful permanent resident status for five years. During this period, one must accumulate at least two and-a-half years of physical presence in the USS with no single absence of more than a year. Exceptions to these conditions are provided to those who are employed abroad in specified circumstances.


Clients who are applying for citizenship must be able to read, write, and speak English. You must also have basic understanding of US government and its history. An exception to the history and government condition is provided to residents age 20 and 65 and older. For English skills requirements, exceptions are given to residents who are 20 and more than 50 years old, and those who are age 15, 55, and up.

Physical Presence

The residence and physical presence requirements are reduced to three and-a-half years, if, during that time, one has been continuously married to a US citizen. Exceptions to this condition are provided to spouses of US citizens who are employed abroad in specified circumstances.

Contact Steven Swanson in Los Angeles, California, when you need help in qualifying for an employment authorization.