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Steven is an employment-based immigration lawyer from Swanson & Swanson in Los Angeles, California. His law firm has a roster of skilled attorneys providing assistance for the following clients:

• Executive Employees
• Professional Employees
• Recruiting Companies
• Registered Nurses
• Management Employees
• Employees with Advanced Degrees

How It Works

Employment-based immigration requires a US citizen employer who can demonstrate that an existing and qualified US resident alien worker is unavailable for a particular job. This task is accomplished by filing an application for a labor certification from the Department of Labor.


Application for pre-certification is only available for professional nurses and physical therapists. Clients who have remarkable science and art abilities are also accepted.

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Employment-based immigration obliges acquisition of an immigrant preference classification. This is typically available according to the level of education and experience required to perform the duties of a given occupation.

Preference Classification

There are only five types of workers eligible for employment-immigrant Visas. Known as preference classifications, this entitles an alien to immigrate in the order of the date in which the labor certification was filed, priority date, or when certification is a prerequisite.

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